Strawberry Overview

Large Jewel strawberry Strawberry picking season begins between mid-May to the second week of June, depending on the weather. Picking lasts three or four weeks. See our Strawberry News when the season approaches for schedules and crop reports.

We regularly get comments on how our strawberries are the best strawberries people have ever tasted.

Our strawberries are certified naturally grown, the grassroots alternative to certified organic strawberries, following the OMRI organic standards.

You may pick your own strawberries, order strawberries in bulk, or buy strawberries at our farmers' markets.


For 2017 we expect to be picking 35 (500 foot) rows of strawberries covering about 1.4 acres.

Early Season (7 rows) Early Mid Season (3 rows) Mid Season (22 rows)
Late Season (3 rows) (10%)


Earliglow yields deep red uniformly colored berries known for their sweet flavor.  They are usually the earliest to ripen.  Many of us here think they are the best tasting.  But after the first picking, later berries are often pretty small.  Many think the extra work is worth it.  They're great for making jams and jelly.

Galetta (new for 2016) ripens early with very large, deep red fruit that is symmetrical and round. Flavor is quite variable with weather but tends toward tart - a good dessert berry. We have found it to be a good early producer. It is rapidly growing in popularity.

L'Amour (new for 2016) proved its reputation for excellent fruit quality - firm, bright red berries with excellent flavor. Long, round conic shape with a fancy calyx makes them very attractive. L'Amour is adapted to a wide range of soil conditions and is very vigorous. Losing size as midseason varieties come in, it is not the most productive variety, but a good consistent performer.

Flavorfest (new for 2016) is one of the newest and most promising varieties available. Customer response in 2016 was almost entirely positive. Berries are large with an attractive bright red color and a plump, rounded wedge appearance. Flavor is not as complex as Jewel, but quite sweet and satisfying even to long-time U-Pickers and resident connoisserus here. It has a long harvest period, good yield potential and holds size well through the season. Plants are vigorous and have shown excellent leaf disease resistance. In fall 2015 and 2016, these were the healthiest plants in our field.

Jewel has large, excellent quality fruit, especially delicious for desserts and for freezing. Later in the season, berries become smaller but maintain Jewel's satifying balance of sweetness and tartness. This variety is also admired for its appearance: bright red with primary berries wedge-shaped and later berries mostly conical. Jewel has been the midseason standard throughout much of the country for decades, including here at Plow Creek.

Rutgers Scarlet (new for 2017) is a new release from the Rutgers breeding program. This variety was bred specifically to supply outstanding berry quality and exceptional flavor to a local market. It has generated quite a bit of excitement out East, and was rated by our plant supplier as "some of the best flavor out of any of the varieties that we offer."

AC Valley Sunset - starts and lasts later in the season than our other varieties. Berries are lighter red, shiny and very large. Flavor and yield are very good most years, but can be hindered by excess rain.