Red Raspberry Overview


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Raspberries Close Up
One of the bigger bushes of our new planting
Most of our older red raspberry plants had died or outlived their productive lifespan, so in Spring 2013 we planted a new acre of raspberries in the field by our strawberries. These surprised us by bearing well the first year, so we expect to have excellent quantities for 2014. The planting includes 6 varieties designed to have ripe berries from July until they freeze in the fall. We'll have to wait and see to be sure, but we expect we may be open for picking red raspberries much of that season.

We again expect an abundant crop of Red Raspberries for 2015 U-Pick. Initially in June and early July, there is only enough for market sales. Keep checking the Raspberry News page for field reports and U-Pick schedule as the season progresses.

Once the season is in full swing, you may pick your own raspberries, order raspberries in bulk, or buy raspberries at our farmers' markets.
Picking in the new raspberry patch
Picking in our new patch


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