Our Farming Practices
Plow Creek Farm is your source in north central Illinois for fresh, healthy, poison-free strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. We also grow seedless watermelon and a wide variety of vegetables, including tomatoes and sweet corn . We are located in Tiskilwa, Illinois -- 8 miles south of Princeton. See our location page for map.

   Meg plantingPlow Creek Farm is now Certified Naturally Grown. This is the grass roots alternative to certified organic, using no poisonous herbicides or chemical pesticides and following all the certified organic standards; it's just a different certification process.  We do a lot of old-fashioned hoeing and pulling of weeds.  So you can freely taste the fruit in the field with no worry. We and our children sure do!

AgriEnergy trailer    We strive for healthy soil, supplementing our own resources with advice and fertility products from Agrienergy Resources 

   For years, Plow Creek Farm has been on a biological fertilization program.  This means we enlist a lot of friendly microbes to enhance the life in the soil, and apply nutrients at levels which don't fry the soil.  
   Many weeds thrive only in imbalanced soil.  That's why when a strawberry grower friend visited our field he said, "You get by without herbicides?  You must not have a weed problem."  Maybe not "a weed problem" but we do hundreds of hours of hand weeding each year.

Rusty melon wagon   This is not heaven. You will still spot a few weeds here and there, maybe even a thistle. Our tractors rust just like everyone else's, and if they call in sick we might not get that brix-boosting foliar fertilizer applied. Berries are tempermental and fleeting; some years they break our heart. Yet every summer that first bite reminds us that we were splitting hairs of a beautiful woman who has at long last returned. Now words will do her no justice, and she cannot be bought like a commodity. There is no way to cultivate her presence except by hard work and God's pleasure, right here on this ground He has given. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Blackberries in hand   We are working hard to share this experience with you and your loved ones. Come visit us at Plow Creek Farm in North-central Illinois.