About our Grass-Fed Beef

Our small herd of grass-fed cattle are raised on our farm's pastures using a rotational grazing system. They are 100% percent grass fed and fed no grain their lifetime. They are hormone, steroid, and antibiotic free. The beef is harvested when the animals are about 2+ years old and is dry-aged for 2 weeks prior to cutting to enhance flavor and tenderness.

steer on grass

Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

  • Grass-fed beef is lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol. It is higher in beta carotene, vitamin E, and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Our cattle are raised in a stress-free environment on fresh grass, air, and water.

  • By purchasing beef from our farm you are supporting local, small-scale, and sustainable agriculture.

Purchasing our Beef

Beef will be available to purchase both in the summer and the fall. Reservations should be made now for 2016 beef.

Beef can be purchased as a quarter (also known as split side or mixed quarter), half, or whole. The beef is brought to Bittner's Eureka Locker in Eureka, IL, a small USDA inspected meat locker. Here the beef is aged for 14 days before it is cut to your specifications and then wrapped, frozen, and labeled. A quarter beef takes up around 5 cubic feet of space in a freezer, about the room in an average kitchen fridge/freezer freezer compartment.

Beef is sold by hanging weight. The packaged meat you will take home will be about 60% of the hanging weight after trimming and deboning. The processing fee for the butchering is paid directly to the meat locker at the time the beef is picked up. Prices below are for beef picked up at the meat locker. Additional delivery charges may apply.

Beef Prices For 2016

Hanging Weight Packaged Meat Processing Fee Estimated Total Cost
Quarter $3.60/lb, Approx. 150 lbs= $540 Approx. 90 lbs $110 $650
Half $3.55/lb, Approx. 300 lbs=$1,065 Approx. 180 lbs $200 $1,265
Whole $3.50/lb, Approx 600 lbs=$2,100 Approx. 360 lbs $400 $2,500
Notice: All figures above are averages only and will vary based on animal size and yield.

How to Reserve Your Beef

To reserve your quarter, half, or whole beef, contact us at peterson@plowcreek.org or leave a message at 815-646-4862